4 of the Best Caribbean Dive Destinations



Offering dramatic underwater vertical wall terrains, visibility of 100-feet or more, brilliantly colored coral, diverse sponge composites, and water temperatures consistently hovering around an ideal 83 degrees, diving in the Caribbean is about as good as it gets. When you add thriving habitats of both large and small tropical reef fish, migratory pods of humpback whales, a diverse array of shark species, eels, dolphins, sea turtles, and manta rays, the Caribbean Sea provides some of the most optimal dive conditions in the entire world.

If you are a seasoned scuba diver, you have undoubtedly heard of many of the Caribbean’s most popular or famous dive destinations. Perhaps you have explored their depths. However, famous or most popular does not necessarily mean the “best” for your level of expertise, experience, or expectations.

Where you choose to dive likely depends on ease of access, the type of accommodations and topside amenities you seek when on land, and the ocean characteristics you desire when diving. While the majority of Caribbean dive destinations are in clear and relatively calm waters, there are several challenging locations with plenty of tunnels, seamounts, drifts, wrecks, and “sharky” spots to get your adrenaline pumping and your heart pounding.


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