Keep the Beach Feel Going All Year Long



For fun in the sun lovers, the winter can be a dreary time. Cabin fever easily sets in and day-dreaming about that next big wave, paddle around the cove, or ride on a jet ski ensues. Luckily, there are a few strategies you can employ to keep the beach vibe going in your home and in your life year-round.

A Simple Meal and Drinks May Do the Trick
You and your friends missing the waves? Throw a beach-themed party complete with Piña Coladas and surfer attire.  If you’ve got the money and the time, contact your local country club and ask to rent out their indoor pool for a private, beach-themed party. Serve the typical beach-fare, crab, shrimp, oysters, and, of course, ice cream!

Beach Themed Thanksgiving
The holiday of food and family doesn’t have to use gourds and pilgrims as its decorative default. Thanksgiving is a versatile holiday where beach themes can abound with just a little creativity. Some ideas include actually hosting your Turkey Day on the beach, trading out the turkey for lobster, crab, or both, and decorating your home in traditional Thanksgiving items with a beach-y twist.

Beach Themed Xmas
These two themes seem to clash so much that they practically go together. From making ornaments out of seashells to putting a sandbox around your Xmas tree, there are plenty of beach-inspired crafts and decorations that will bring the ocean in this holiday season.

Beach Bonfire
Even during the winter, the ocean is still magnificently beautiful, not to mention that the night stars can be astounding. Plan a beach bonfire with friends and family. Serve hot chocolate, hot cider, and cook some crab or shrimp on skewers over the fire.

Bring the Beach Inside-Literally
Dying sand green and red and putting them in decorative glass jars or allowing tea-lights to melt into large seashells are just a few of the creative ways you can use sand and seashells that you bring in from your local beach. However, since we don’t want to ecologically damage our beaches, make sure you educate yourself regarding the laws and policies on hauling sand and stones before you remove them.

Throw a Beach-Themed Halloween Party
Women in Baywatch garbs, male friends rocking their Weekend at Bernie’s getup, Mermaids, and Pirates are just a few creative and fun Halloween costumes that can be worn at your theme party. Encourage friends to bring ocean-inspired dishes.

With these simple and creative ideas, you’ll feel the presence of the ocean year-round without sacrificing any holiday flair.


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