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From a cozy beach towel to a bottle of sunscreen, there are certain essentials that everyone knows to bring to the beach. One must-have that often goes overlooked? Entertainment! You can’t go wrong with a nap on the sand or a splash in the waves, but there are so many other ways to enjoy a day by the water.

Whatever your preferred beach activity, be it sitting back with a cool beverage or playing a fast-paced game, Panama Jack® is here to help you create fond memories you’ll look back on for years to come.

Add our Beach Games & Accessories to your list of beach essentials, follow this complete guide to beach entertainment, and get ready for a truly memorable seaside experience.

10 Activities to Avoid Beach Day Boredom


Flying Disc: Bring a Sport Flying Disc on your next trip for fun that beachgoers of all experience levels can enjoy. When you want a high-stakes match, make the goal of the game to score points by catching the disc in the “endzone” of the opposing team. If you prefer a more laidback way to play, grab a partner and test out your throwing skills with a game of catch.

Beach Handball: Sometimes called sandball, this fast-paced beach game is basically soccer but using your hands instead of your feet. Teams pass and bounce a ball across the sand to get it into the opposing team’s goal. Want an extra challenge? Move the competition from the sand to the water and use a Water Skimmer Bouncing Ball.

Musical Towels: It’s your classic game of musical chairs. All you need to do is swap out the chairs for beach towels! This thrilling yet simple game will keep younger and older kids (and even adults!) equally entertained. But be warned: The urge to dive onto an empty “musical towel” is irresistible, so don’t be surprised if your relaxing day at the beach turns into a heated musical towels tournament.

Tug of War: For many, tug of war was a popular childhood game, but even adults are sure to have fun showing off their teamwork skills (and their strength). When competing on the beach, you’re in for lots of laughs as competitors struggle to find the right footing on the soft sand.

Sand Castle Competitions: For a beach game that’s more easy-going — but equally exciting — get your friends or family involved in a sand castle contest. To keep things interesting, set a theme and impose a time limit, forcing builders to strategize and engage in a little bit of healthy competition.


If you have a beach day ahead, you’ve probably already planned to bring food and beverages. Why not turn your seaside snacking into a luxurious picnic? Decide on your favorite foods, do all the prep work beforehand, and pack everything in an Insulated Soft Side Cooler. You might even bring along some cutting boards for a stylish display and practical eating surface. And don’t forget an extra-large beach blanket that all of your friends or family can lounge on!


Sure, the beach is usually associated with total relaxation, but what better way to work out than against a beautiful beach backdrop? Swap out your yoga mat for warm sands, or slip on your running shoes and go for a jog along the shoreline. When you want to amp up the adventure, snorkeling is a great way to get your body moving. If you’re in a surf zone, grab your board and hang ten (or test the waters with a surfing lesson!).


White sand, turquoise water, and a good book in hand: The perfect image of paradise. Even if you’re not vacationing on a far-off tropical island, books are a must-have companion for every beach day. Between dips in the water or rounds of beach volleyball, kick back and relax with one of these classic beach reads or island adventure books.


It’s hard to find a more picture-worthy place than the beach, so add some photography practice to your list of beach activities! Sun-filled beach outings are a perfect time to play around with shadows. Even on overcast days, beach photo shoots are a great way to flex your creativity and look for new beach subjects (rather than the usual ocean horizon shot). Check out our Guide to Better Beach Photography for more tips on scoring the perfect beach picture.


There are endless ways to have fun with sand, a drawing utensil, and your imagination. Draw out hopscotch squares or a tic-tac-toe board and add to your list of fun, family-friendly beach games. If you prefer a solo activity, try creating sand art or writing a special message. Snap a picture of the finished piece and turn it into a unique postcard, or let it become a memory as the ocean washes it away.


Beachgoers may flock to the sand while the sun is up, but the beach has something to offer at any time of day. To avoid the usual crowds, grab your family or friends and build a beach bonfire. There’s not much better than cozying up around the fire, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying the company of loved ones as the ocean’s waves roll in behind you. Careful: Not all beaches allow bonfires, so check local regulations beforehand.


Many beaches are located around historical or cultural landmarks. With over ninety-five thousand miles of shoreline in the United States, there are endless intriguing destinations to explore, from shipwrecks and forts to charming coastal towns. Whichever destination you’re headed to next, do some quick research ahead of time to see what historical treasures you may find.


You’ve likely been told to “leave no trace” after a day at the beach. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this important guideline. To help protect fragile marine ecosystems, spend some of your beach time collecting stray pieces of trash and disposing of them properly. If you want to go further in your conservation efforts, here’s how to get involved in beach voluntourism.


Though not what you might consider a beach “activity,” completely unplugging may take more effort than you think. Stow away your phone and any other distractions from the outside world, and challenge yourself to be present in the moment. Feel the sand beneath your feet, notice the rhythm of the ocean waves, and take deep breaths of the salty air.

Your Complete List of Beach Day Essentials

Ready for your next sun-filled beach getaway? We’ve put together our top tips on what to pack for the perfect day at the beach:

  • Bring along a beach bag to carry your things, preferably one with a protective lining and lots of compartments to separate your food, sunscreen, and beach clothes.
  • Even if you don’t have a picnic planned, be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks in an insulated cooler.
  • No matter what your day of beach fun may look like, you’ll want to pack a hat to shield your face from the sun, and a pair of polarized sunglasses to reduce glare from the ocean.
  • Grab an oversized beach towel, perfect for a group picnic or when you want some extra room to stretch out under the sun.
  • Bring a Water Skimmer Ball, Flying Disc, or any other equipment you’ll need for your favorite beach game.
  • Pack a mesh laundry bag so you can easily rinse off and pack away any beach toys.
  • Beach days can’t always be perfect, so bring a first-aid kit in case of any minor medical issues.
  • Pack a few waterproof bags for storing wet towels when you head home.
  • Bring a small Bluetooth speaker to enjoy some music while you soak up the sun.
  • Of course, don’t forget sunscreen, your most crucial beach essential.

Get the most out of your day of fun in the sun when you bring Panama Jack® along with you.

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