The Beach & Beyond: Beach Clothes, Towels, and So Much More

With Panama Jack®, you don’t have to venture far to feel like you’re on a tropical getaway. Whether you’re relaxing at home or adventuring abroad, it’s our goal to help every day feel like a sun-soaked summer moment.

Each t-shirt or hoodie is the perfect addition to your all-season wardrobe. Every fragrance is a reminder of your fondest summer memories. Each beach cruiser instantly transports you to warm days by the water no matter where you’re riding. Wherever life takes you, our Beach & Beyond collection makes it easy to embrace the Panama Jack® lifestyle in everyday moments.


What does your day have in store?

Will you be strolling the boardwalk, grilling in the backyard, or setting off on an outdoor adventure? Whatever the day or night has in store, Panama Jack® has the ideal clothing for the occasion. On those laid back summer days, our T-Shirts' breathable, durable fabric will keep you looking and feeling cool.

If you have an action-packed outing planned, throw on a piece from our Performance Apparel collection. Whether short or long sleeves are your style, our Performance Shirts feature ultra-lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable during every adventure.

With Panama Jack®, there’s no beach needed to enjoy warmer temperatures. Our wide range of clothing is complete with long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies so that you can enjoy the feeling of summer no matter the season.

Looking for sun protection?

Our line of Performance Apparel not only keeps you comfortable but also offers the sun protection you need during a day outdoors. Each performance shirt’s fabric is designed with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) fabric. Not to be confused with SPF, UPF refers to the percentage of UV rays that are able to pass through a given fabric.

Every Panama Jack® performance shirt has a UPF 35+ rating, meaning you can enjoy your next day outdoors with the peace of mind that your shirt is preventing about 97% of UVA and UVB rays from reaching your skin.

In addition to a UPF rating, look out for these other factors when searching for your next piece of sun-protective clothing.

Color: Despite what many people think, summer isn’t always the best time to wear lighter colors. To help ward off the sun’s harmful rays, opt for dark or bright colors, which work to absorb UV rays before they can reach your skin.

Construction: Loosely woven fabrics may feel comfortable on a hot day, but they aren’t as effective when it comes to protecting your skin. Tightly woven cloths, on the other hand, don’t have holes that let UV rays through, offering better sun protection. We combined the best of both worlds in our Performance Apparel; you receive all the benefits of a densely woven fabric without sacrificing breathability.

Coverage: It’s simple. The more skin your clothes cover, the better your sun protection will be. When possible, opt for long sleeves and long pants or skirts. For added coverage, throw on a Panama Jack® Neck Gaiter and wide-brimmed hat, too. If you do choose to wear a shorter-sleeved shirt, it’s best to choose one with UPF 35+ fabric.

Fit: Loose-fitting clothing is generally preferred for protection against the sun’s harsh rays. If your clothing is too tight, the fibers can stretch away from each other, leaving gaps through which UV rays can reach your skin.

Choose your style

Rain or shine, at home or abroad, our clothing brings the essence of summer to you. Prefer the classic Panama Jack® style? Grab an Original Rope Man or Stamp Man shirt, which feature the iconic Panama Man that sun seekers have known and loved since the 1970s. For a more contemporary look, we created one-of-a-kind surf designs, such as our Surfboard Stripe Hoodie or Chairman of the Boards T-Shirt.


Beach Towels

From beach getaways to poolside lounging, every occasion by the water calls for a beach towel. But you don’t want just any. When searching for the perfect beach towel to stretch out on, keep these factors in mind.

Size: Sure, you could bring your bath towel from home, but beach towels are specifically designed to be used at the beach or poolside. The standard beach towel size is generally larger than a bath towel, and you can even find extra-large sizes, such as our Vintage Sunset Palm Blanket Beach Towel, which are perfect for when you want to share your space with friends or family.

Material: You’re looking for maximum relaxation during your day by the water, but not all materials will give you the plush comfort you want. The velour material of a Panama Jack® Beach Towel is both ultra-soft and absorbent, making every time you towel off or stretch out on the sand a luxurious experience.

Style: Beach towels come in all sorts of colors, but we believe the brighter, the better. Bold colors and loud patterns not only make it easy to spot your towel after a dip in the water, but they’re also the perfect way to express your unique style next time you hit the sand. For a vintage-inspired look, grab a Vintage Sunset Palm Blanket Beach Towel, Blue Sunrise Plane Beach Towel, or Pink Sunset Plane Beach Towel. Looking for a towel as vibrant as the beach scenery around you? Lie back and relax on our Orange Ombre Palm Blanket Beach Towel.

Beach Accessories

A day outdoors isn’t complete without an activity that everyone can enjoy. Next time you head to the beach or local park, pack a PJ Sport Flying Disk. Suitable for ages 5+, this sport flyer is a great way to get the whole family involved in some outdoor excitement. During those days when you want to soak up every minute in the ocean or pool, grab a Water Skimmer Bouncing Ball—designed to bounce across the waves for hours of water-filled fun.

Of course, every activity under the sun needs a cold beverage to go with it, and with our 12-Can Insulated Soft Side Cooler, one is always within arm’s reach. Available in ocean-inspired navy-royal or navy-turquoise color combinations, this cooler features a front outside pocket, adjustable shoulder strap, and zipper closure to keep your drinks cool all day long. It’s also packable, so you can bring refreshments with you on even your most far-away adventures.


No sand or sea is required to embrace a beach lifestyle. From beach cruisers that make every ride an island adventure to charming anklets that add summer flair to any outfit, we have what you need to embody the feeling of summer wherever you are.


Salted air, blooming bergamot, tart citrus: Summer scents instantly transport you to a place of rest and relaxation. But with so many scents and formulas to choose from, you might be wondering which type of fragrance is right for each occasion.

Body Mist: A delicate form of fragrance, body mists offer a soft yet captivating all-over scent that is perfect for more discreet situations. They also come in large sizes, so you can keep refreshing your aroma all day long.

Eau de Toilette: Compared to their body mist cousin, eau de toilette sprays contain proportionally more fragrance oils and less water. This means with just a few sprays you get a distinct aroma that will last for hours.

Essential Oils: Get that summer feeling throughout the year when you enjoy the scents of the Panama Jack® Essential Oil collection. Looking to refresh and recharge? Our Energize Collection contains revitalizing lemon, peppermint, and orange oils. When you want to wind down, opt for the lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree scents from our Relax collection.

Beach Cruisers

There’s no better way to get around town than with a Panama Jack® single-speed or electric beach cruiser. Each bike features a “Perfect Fit” frame, which places the seat a bit further back to give you a more comfortable riding position. We also added handlebar coolers, beverage holders, and phone holders for ultimate convenience wherever your next biking adventure leads you.


At Panama Jack®, you can find everything you need to embrace a summer lifestyle. From throwback tees to beach cruisers, and so much more, you can bring that peaceful feeling of long carefree days with you on all life’s journeys.

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