Panama Jack® Fragrances: Relax With the Scents of Summer

When you think of paradise, you probably imagine sparkling white sands and turquoise water. But what about the smell of a salty breeze, the bright aroma of fresh fruit, or the sweet fragrance of blooming summer flowers? We created Panama Jack® Fragrances that feature quintessential beach scents — because we know the calming scent of ocean air or tropical florals is sometimes all you need to conjure up your fondest summer memories.

Whether you prefer the freshness of Body Mists, the aromas of Eau de Toilette Sprays, or the purity of Essential Oils, our Fragrances transport you to sunny days by the sea one breath at a time.

Body Mists: Fresh, Light, and Versatile

Body mists are a staple in any fragrance collection. Although they're often seen as a "beginner" fragrance for perfume newbies, these delicate sprays have something to offer everyone.

Because they contain a low percentage of fragrance oil, body mists are ideal for moments when you want an all-over aroma that's distinct yet delicate. Their scent may be more subtle than their perfume counterparts, but they typically come in larger, more affordable bottles, so you can top up your tropical fragrance all day long.

And don't be fooled by the name. Body mists aren't just for your skin. Give your closet a light spritz to refresh your year-round wardrobe, or mist your living spaces to create an inviting aroma that transforms your home into a piece of paradise.

However you use them, Panama Jack® Body Mists imbue every moment with the feelings of summer. Craving a day spent relaxing on the sand and watching the waves roll in? The fresh, floral, and slightly musky notes of our mists can take you there. Add them to your year-round fragrance lineup for a bright scent that embodies the essence of long sunny days.

Eau de Toilette: An Unmistakably Summer Scent Panama Jack®

Eau de Toilette Sprays offer classic beach aromas in a less subtle formula. Compared to body mists, they contain a higher concentration of perfume oil, meaning you get a long-lasting fragrance.

When it comes to application, body mists are usually sprayed all over, even on clothes and hair. On the other hand, eau de toilettes are best applied directly on your skin at specific points (usually your wrists and neck), and only require a few sprays to achieve an irresistible essence.

At the end of the day, you can't go wrong with either a body mist or perfume. It all comes down to personal preference. When you want something more distinct, opt for a Panama Jack® Eau de Toilette Spray. Formulated with fragrance notes found throughout the tropics, these sprays give you a lasting, just-stepped-off-the-sand aroma.

Essential Oils: A Fragrance Family of Their Own

Looking for a more therapeutic take on summer's best scents? Add Panama Jack® Essential Oils to your fragrance collection.

Used for centuries due to their therapeutic properties, these oils (quite literally) capture the "essence" of various plants, offering an aroma distinct from body mists and eau de toilette sprays. Lift your mood and clear your mind with scents that bring you back to serene moments in your favorite outdoor space.

When stress levels run high, or when life has you feeling slow and sluggish, let our Essential Oils transport you to tranquil destinations where the mood is vibrant and tensions wash away with the ocean's waves.

No sand or sea is required to make every day feel like summer. Pick up a Panama Jack® Body Mist, Eau de Toilette Spray, or Essential Oil today and let the aromas transport you to a place where the water's blue, the days are long, and the sun shines brightly.

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