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From the sophisticated styles of the 1940s to the laid back looks of today, men’s hats have seen an endless number of iterations. And now, Panama Jack® is putting a new spin on men’s headwear by combining high-quality craftmanship, timeless style and advanced sun protection.

The result? A collection of hats that are classic, cool and incredibly comfortable to wear on every sunny day. Whether you are down at the beach or out on the boat, our Panama Jack® hats for men will keep you cool while protecting you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

No matter where your next outdoor adventure takes you, Panama Jack® has the perfect hat for the occasion. With an expansive range of Panama Jack® styles for men to choose from — be it a straw hat, performance hat, or bucket hat — you are sure to find a hat that’ll become the centerpiece of your warm-weather (and all-season) wardrobe.

As the days get longer and the UV index gets higher, you will no doubt find yourself spending your free time outdoors. The ideal partner for protective sunscreen is a summer hat that can protect your face and neck, provide much needed shade, and give you a style boost all at once. Whether you are going out fishing with your friends, hitting the beach, or just lounging in your own backyard, a protective sun hat will enhance every outdoor activity. Getting into the habit of wearing hats regularly is an essential way to be able to enjoy the outdoors, protect your skin, and elevate your style.

The advantages of investing in a high-quality hat are clear, but choosing the right one for you is no simple task, especially with the varieties of looks, materials, and brims our hats have to offer. Next time you find your head, neck and face in need of added UV protection, here are a few things you should ask yourself first:

What’s the occasion?

In order to help you choose the very best Panama Jack® hat for your needs, you should think about where you’ll be wearing your hat the most. Will this hat be used mostly at the beach or are you looking for something you can wear all year long? Maybe you’re planning on using it out in the yard and need something that will cover your whole head from the harsh afternoon sun. Are you wearing it to go fishing? If so, you will want something that won’t restrict your view, but will also protect your neck and face from long stretches under the sun's beating rays. If you plan on doing more athletic activities like beach volleyball, or hiking, kayaking or golfing you’ll want to stay cool in a lightweight sun hat made of breathable fabric, such as our best-selling matte seagrass safari hat. You’ll also want your sun hat to be quick drying and to have a chin strap and adjustable toggle to keep it secure during a competitive game or on the open water. If you are going to be lounging poolside, a wide-brim sun hat is a great choice as it provides maximum protection from UV rays.

If you have vacation trips planned, you should definitely consider a packable (also known as crushable) hat that can fold and unfold easily, with the ability to return effortlessly to its original shape. Floatable hats are also a good option for boating, fishing and other watersports. No matter the adventure or outdoor activity, a hat that’s rated UPF 50+ will provide an extra level of sun protection.

How much protection do you want?

Hats protect your head in two ways. The crown covers the top of your head from direct sunlight while the brim protects your face and neck. A traditional canvas or mesh safari hat made with UPF 50+ rated fabric will give you great all-around sun protection. Want even more coverage on your neck and face? Grab a boonie hat complete with a protective neck drape, or sport the iconic extra-large brim of our lifeguard styles.

Designed with you in mind, Panama Jack® hats are uniquely designed to keep the sun out of your face and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful and aging UVA/UVB rays. To help your Panama Jack® summer hat do its job well, you can do your part by reapplying your Panama Jack® sunscreen at least every two hours and by wearing your Panama Jack® sunglasses regularly, as well.

What’s your style?

Panama Jack® hats for men come in a variety of different styles, colors and sizes, and each hat is crafted out of materials that deliver the best performance, comfort and durability. Whether you opt for the timeless Panama hat, a performance safari, straw fedora, or bucket hat, your choice is an expression of your unique style and personality. And of course, we recommend keeping a few different styles and varieties on hand, since you never know where your next adventure may take you.

Panama Jack’s men’s sun hats take you to clear blue ocean water, sun-bleached sails, and fresh ocean air. To beat the heat in style, check out our large selection of Panama Jack’s men's cloth or straw hats - or opt for one of our baseball caps or sun visors for a more casual look. For the ultimate sun protection and summer-inspired style, Panama Jack® has you covered. Whether you are relaxing by the pool or enjoying hiking in the great outdoors, our men’s hats for men boast the ideal blend of style and sensibility For All Sunkind®.

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