Women's Hats


A lot of things have changed throughout the long, rich history of women’s headwear, but one thing remains the same. More than a functional clothing item or fashion statement, hats are an expression of every woman’s unique style.

At Panama Jack®, we took this beloved accessory and put our signature tropical twist on it to create a range of hat styles that any sun-loving woman will adore.

Emblematic of clear skies and velvet sands, Panama Jack® women's sun hats are the ultimate beach, boardwalk, and all-around accessory. Whether you’re touring the ocean towns of the East or exploring the secluded sights of the West, our Panama Jack® sun hats for women will give you an instant beach vibe that is both easy-going and elevated.

Check out our full selection of hats for women to find the perfect hat for every outfit. Our collection gives you the best of all possible worlds, so you don’t have to choose between style and affordability. With a large selection of designs – from floppy, big-brim ribbon and straw hats, women’s fedoras, UPF 50+ sun hats, visors, and more – you’re sure to come away with several favorites. Perfect for the lazy days of summer or anytime you need to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, our Panama Jack® hats for women have you covered. A world of effortless style is at your fingertips!

From soaking up salty sea air to lounging in your own backyard, any outdoor activity is instantly more comfortable and sun-safe with a Panama Jack® hat. With high-quality materials and intentional design, the superior craftsmanship of our hats for women just can’t be matched. While you can’t go wrong with any piece from our collection, we know that you want to choose the style that best fits your personal preferences. We also know that finding the perfect hat can be harder than it seems. There are so many varieties of brims, materials, and looks to choose from that the thought of going hat hunting can be daunting. Next time you are need some shade from the sun, or just a new accessory to top off any outfit, here are a few things you should ask yourself first:

What are you using a summer hat for?

To find the best Panama Jack® hat for your needs, consider where you’ll be showing it off. Will this hat only be used at the beach or are you looking for something you can wear all year long? Maybe you plan on using it in the garden and need something that will cover your whole head for hours at a time. In that case, you can’t go wrong with a wide-brim sun hat, ideal for anyone looking for maximum UV protection. Are you playing a sport? If so, you’ll want something that won’t restrict your view but will also protect your neck from long stretches under the sun’s beating rays. Try out our Marina Bay Boonie Hat, which comes complete with a convenient chin strap for ultimate wearability.

If you’re jetting off to a far-away destination, a packable straw hat is a must-have addition to your vacation wardrobe. The Crocheted Toyo Sun Hat is one of Panama Jack’s crush-able designs, effortless to fold and unfold back to its original shape. Headed out on the water while you’re away? The Velcro back-strap closures of our visor hats are an essential for beating those gusty ocean winds.

How much protection do you want?

Hats protect your head in two ways—they cover the top of your head from direct sunlight, and they have brims on them to protect your face and neck. A traditional safari hat will give you high levels of protection from the sun, while a mesh baseball cap is a great balance between sun protection and breathability. For excellent all-around protection, throw on a classic panama hat.

The exact brim size you choose will also depend on the level of protection you’re looking for. Wide-brimmed hats aren’t just head turners. They also offer the most coverage as they generally shade all the way from your head to the bottom of your neck. Smaller brims may not cover your entire face and neck, but they can offer great protection for your forehead and nose—areas that are particularly susceptible to sunburn.

From boonie hats to signature lifeguard styles, Panama Jack® hats are thoughtfully designed to guard your skin from the sun’s harmful, aging UV rays. Many of our hats are made with UPF 50+ protective fabric, the top rating according to The Skin Cancer Foundation. With Panama Jack®, you know you’re getting the protection you need no matter where your next adventures take you.

What is your personal style?

Panama Jack’s sun hats for women give you the sun protection you need and the styles you want for any sun-drenched event. A classic fedora hat looks great on everyone, and we’ve elevated this quintessential style with design details that accentuate your unique personality. If you’re looking to add some flair to your wardrobe, you might opt for the modern luxury of our Premium Metallic Gold Paper Braid Straw Hat, part of our new Signature Hat Collection. A cloth or microfiber visor is a great choice for action-packed days, and the perfect complement to your favorite laid back look.


The reality is that no one hat is ever going to cover all your needs, so it is always a good idea to have a few different styles and varieties on hand. After all, summertime is the perfect time to try out a new style. So why not experiment with one of our trendy sun hats? You will be sure to turn heads when you hit the beach! Order now and be ready for a fun- and fashion-filled summer season.

Panama Jack’s sun hats for women perfectly capture the essence of summer and beach holidays. If you’re still not sure which hat is right for you, check out our ultimate hat guide. Our friendly customer service team would also be happy to help you find the perfect style. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to assist you. Order your new beach hat today and enjoy the perfect combination of sun protection and style.

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