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Panama Jack® Beach Towels: Enjoy Beach Days in Plush Comfort

If you had to name your top three beach essentials, a beach towel would likely be one of them. They’re a must-have for stretching out on the beach or drying off after a swim, and the very best beach towels should also double as an inviting blanket when balmy days turn into cooler nights, offering you plush comfort wherever your summer adventures take you.

Panama Jack® Beach Towels do just that. Featuring a variety of designs, colors, and sizes, these fiber reactive towels and oversized beach blankets offer ultimate comfort whether lounging around, cozying up, or toweling off after a dip in the water. From the pool to the beach, our beach blankets and towels make it easy to relax in luxury with their ultra-smooth surface and soft touch.


You might think choosing a beach towel is a simple process. Just pick a fun design, an affordable price, and you’re good to go, right? Not so fast. For the best possible beach experience, you want a towel that is going to last and will not leave you feeling damp while you bask in the sun. When you’re ready to freshen up your most important vacation accessory, keep these questions in mind.

Does It Absorb Water and Dry Quickly?

After a dip in the ocean, the last thing you want is a drenched towel full of sand that can’t dry you off properly. Instead, you want a towel that can easily absorb the moisture on your skin and also form a soft barrier between you and the ground. For maximum functionality and comfort, look for an absorbent yet quick-drying towel made of fabrics like velour cotton, Turkish cotton, or a terry cloth blend.

Is It Spacious Enough?

The standard size of a beach towel is generally larger than that of a regular bath towel, so you won’t have to look too hard to find a towel that’s the right size to use as a seat, coverup, or beach blanket. Panama Jack® Beach Towels measure 30 inches by 60 inches, the ideal size for stretching out solo. If you’re enjoying your day by the water with friends or family, or just want some extra space to yourself, choose one of our oversized blanket beach towels measuring 54 inches by 68 inches.

How Soft is It?

No matter how enticing a cheap towel may be, the fabric is often rough, itchy, and downright painful, especially as it dampens and collects sand. Finding a soft cozy material is essential when you’ll be lying on your towel for hours on end. Velour towels are some of the comfiest on the market and are great for avid sunbathers.

How Thick Is It?

A beach towel does not have to be extra fluffy to be comfortable. In fact, a towel that’s too thick could make traveling to and from the beach a real pain. Look for a smooth velvety fabric that is thin enough to fold easily and tuck away in your beach tote. It will also be easier to shake and clean off so you can create a sand-free spot for comfortably laying back and enjoying your time in the sun.

Is it Affordable?

Cheaper towels won’t last long before they start to show wear and tear. To experience maximum comfort through multiple summer seasons, go with a high-quality towel you know will last. However, a towel shouldn’t break the bank either, which is why we designed all of our Beach Towels to be functional, stylish, and affordable too.

How Does It Look?

Sure, you could bring along a regular bath towel, but in addition to being smaller in size than beach towels, bath towels are almost always made in muted solid colors. And this can have a direct impact on the towel’s comfort. Lighter colors stain easily after hours over wet sand, while really dark colors may attract heat and make for a sweltering sunbathing experience.

Whether you choose a classic beach-themed design or go for something simple, like our Embroidered Signature Velour Beach Towel, we believe the brighter, the better. Eye-catching colors and patterns not only help you find your towel on the sand after you’ve spent time drifting along the shore, but they’re also a great way to make a statement and express your unique style.

Here are some lush velour cotton towels that are sure to stand out:

Vintage Sunset Palm Blanket Beach Towel

Perfect for the style-savvy beachgoer, this towel features a vintage-inspired sunset image set against a brilliant turquoise background. Plus, at 54 inches wide and 68 inches long, the extra large design easily accommodates every friend or family member whenever you want to share a snack or simply soak up the view together.

Embroidered Signature Velour Beach Towel

This classic beach towel comes in four of your favorite vacation-worthy colors: royal blue, turquoise, orange or fuchsia. Each brightly colored towel makes it easy for you to mark your spot in the sand or cover your favorite lounge chair in plush comfort.

Striped Palms Beach Towel

A tropical design is just the thing to get you in the island mood. Measuring 30 inches by 60 inches, this spacious towel offers a soft and absorbent post-dip landing spot or sunbathing cushion.

Sport Stripe Logo Beach Towel

Whether you are lounging in the sun watching the waves roll in, or you are toweling off after catching a few, you will love both the design and the feel of this soft striped towel, perfect for more sporty beachgoers.

Blue Sunrise or Pink Sunset Plane Beach Towel

Featuring a classic beach landscape with a vintage flair, our Plane Beach Towels are reminiscent of simple seaside memories made under a soft morning sun or vibrant evening glow.

Whether you’re poolside or seaside, with a Panama Jack® Beach Towel you can enjoy every moment in ultimate relaxation. View the whole collection today and discover all the ways you can experience plush comfort under the sun (don’t forget to bring along your sunscreen, too!).

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